Mr. Holmes Receives Lifetime Achievement Commissioner’s Pass Award

Mr. Al Holmes received an award  for his lifetime accomplishments at the Bradley Center on January 18, 2018 .  This Detroit Michigan native has had coaching tenure that has spanned well over 40 years (49).He has coached at several (MPS) Milwaukee Public Schools and Suburban Schools, including Rufus King, Riverside, and John Marshall. Along with winning several state outdoor WIAA State Track & Field Championships at Rufus King in 2002, and John Marshall in 2007, and  several (TFA) Track & Field ...

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Father Visitation Rights

Child Custody Fathers Rights – Are Fathers Really at a Disadvantage in the Family Court System?

Author: E Brooks

There are numerous articles, websites, and organizations that are dedicated to fighting for fathers rights. The common knowledge seems to be that father face an uphill battle and that mothers will always do better in family court than fathers. But are these based on truths or perception, or could something else be going on here?

If you search on fathers rights, fathers custody rights, or any other variation of these terms you will find a listing ...

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Child Custody Basics – Rights, Residency, and Relationship

Author: Steven Carlson

Child custody is a legal term that is often used by the family courts to describe the rights and responsibilities of divorced parents and their minor children, the residency or placement of the children, and the relationship and/or amount of contact the children have with each parent. When divorced parents are unable to agree on such issues, the family courts are often left with the difficult task of determining the best custodial arrangement of the ...

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